Revelation Race Game

The game consists of a series of cards, each with 4 questions on, divided into different categories – Personality, Sex and Love, Active and Hobbies.

At the start of the game, players choose which character will represent them and take the appropriate character card (consists of a name and picture of a character).  They also take a set of voting cards, which include each player and ‘All Equal’.

Each turn a player spins the spinner to determine which category of question to read, then takes a card and reads out the appropriate question.  Players then secretly vote with the voting cards for which player fits the question the best, or they vote ‘All Equal’, which means they consider that all players equally fit the question.

Votes are declared, however before they are counted, the person who spun the spinner has the opportunity to reveal information about themselves and only themselves in order to try and get other players to change their votes.  They can reveal anything they want about themselves or choose to reveal nothing.  The player who spun the spinner cannot change their vote, but other players can (if any elect too, each player votes again secretly and can either vote with their original vote or change their vote to that of the spinner.

Whichever players have the vote which is in the majority win that round and move forward on the game board.   If there is a split vote, everyone stays in the same place.  Play then continues with the next player clockwise spinning the spinner.  Questions include:


Who is the bravest?
Who tells the best jokes?
Who had the happiest childhood?
Who is the most passive?
Who is the most wise?

Sex and Love

Who is the best kisser?
Who has had sex the most times?
Who has bought flowers the most often?
Who's the biggest exhibitionist?
Who's the most adventurous?


Who has done the single most outrageous act during their lives?
Who would be most likely to get naked at a party?
Who eats the most chocolate?
Who is the best dancer?
Who is the best singer?


Who is the biggest Harry Potter fan?
Who likes sport the most?
Who would win a long-distance swimming race?
Who spends the longest reading?
Who watches TV the most?