Palestinian Executed by Zionist soldier


Without trial, without justice and as his "victim" who is unhurt and mobile enough to switch sides on his gurney is driven away a young man who has known nothing but oppression and occupation of his homeland and Genocide of his people for his entire life is slain in the street where he lay immobilised.

This Video of a cold blooded execution of a Palestinian youth will go viral. It is predicted that Apartheid Israel's reign of terror will come to an end soon as the peaceful resistance of the Palestinians and the world movement for BDS brings the Apartheid Israeli economy to it's knees but it is eye witness testamony like the one we see here and the many films of the abuses of innocent civilian Palestinians by the fascistic military Zionists that will turn a humanitarian world against an inhuman and dangerous cult



Execution of motionless, unarmed Palestinian youth in Hebron

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Before this is probably removed from the net - B'Tselem בצלם video shows Israeli soldier executing an unarmed, motionless Palestinian youth laying on the ground in Hebron today. [.28] both Palestinians on the ground[1.48] you see a soldier cock his gun[1.53] Israeli soldier fires into the head of unarmed Palestinian youth and kills him.More on the story:

Posted by Jewish Voice for Peace on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Palestinian executed in cold blood